• 7.00 Start of the 12-hour run
  • 13.00 Start of the 6-hour run
  • 19.00 Finish


fruit, soup, potatoes,  sausage, cheese, nutella, jam, salty and sweet products, water, chilled drinks, isotonic drinks, cola, gels.  


Dressing rooms are provided at the Guesthouse Stari Mayr.


Portable toilet cabins are placed on the course, on Poštna ulica


On the course, at bar Mitnica, available from 9 a.m.

THE SHOWERS are at the Guesthouse Stari Mayr.


  • The measurement of mileage, time and counting of rounds is carried out using chips that are attached to the starting number.
  • We will announce the end of the competition with an audible signal at 7 p.m.
  • 15 minutes before the end, runners are given a stick with their starting number, which they place on the ground at 7 p.m. at the end of the race, so that the judges can record the exact result.
  • The medal is awarded to runners at the finish line. At the finish line will be the possibility of engraving the medal (result, km, time).
  • If someone finishes before the end, they must report the timing company.


The results will be published via the announcer and on the LED display in the start and finish area and live on the website. At the end of the race, the results will be posted on the board in the starting/finishing area.

The official results will be published on the website, on 3.6.2024.


Medical service is provided during the race in the start/finish area (Glavni trg, Kranj).


In the competition, there will be a doping control, which will be carried out in accordance with the rules of WA and AZS.


Complaints shall be forwarded to the chief judge.


  • FAST (green) and SLOW (black) lane will be marked on the course; We ask runners to be ranked according to their ability to enable faster runners to achieve records/good results. The fast lane will be on the left.
  • The route is flat and circular, the ground is paved. The start and finish of the race is at the Main Square in Kranj. The cours runs along the streets in the city centre. The length of one circle is1250 meters.
  • The route has an AIMS certificate.
  • The route runs along the streets of Kranj: Main Square (start and finish area)-Poštna ulica-bridge over Kokra-Zupančičeva ulica past the parking lot Huje-at the end of Župančičeva cesta follows the turn back towards the city-over the bridge over Kokra to Poštna ulica-right to Tavčarjeva ulica-Prešernova ulica-Glavni trg (start and finish area).


  • In the start and finish area can be only escorts can who are officially registered (for runners for 12h).
  • Stands for personal refreshment and the organiser’s official refreshment will be located in the start/finish area.
  • Runners can also set up their own refreshment on the road from Valter to the parking lot Huje.
  • The escorts must stay behind the strap, not be on the track or run along the track.