Elite runners

We are happy and proud to announce that the best ultrarunners in the world will take part at the race SLO12RUN, 4.6.2023 in Kranj:

Andrzej ‘meloniq’ Piotrowski (Poland), Malgorzata Pazda Pozorska (Poland), Radka Churaňová (Czech Republic), Mara Guler (Romania), Marco Visintini (Italy), Tamás Bódis (Hungary), Pascal Rüeger (Switzerland), Michal Šuľa (Serbia), the winner of SLO12RUN 2022 Uroš Srnec (Slovenia) and many others.

We also expect the confirmation of the winner of SLO12RUN 2022 Patrycja Bereznowska (Poland) and spanish ultrarunner Ivan Penalba Lopez.

Yiannis Kouros, the legend of ultra running will bw the honour guest in Kranj.

He is/was the owner of many world records, from 100-1000 miles, 12-hour to 6-day races.
In 1984 he won the Spartathlon, with a record time, in 1985 he won Sydney-Melbourne Ultramarathon (5 days, 5 hours in 7 minutes).

His records:
12h – 162.543 km
24h – 303.506 km
48h – 473.495 km
6 DAYS – 1038.851 km

Slovenian 6 and 12-hour run, Kranj, Slovenija. 5th of June 2022.