Location:  KRANJ – Glavni trg (city center)

Date: Sunday, 2nd of June 2024 (7.00 am)

Runners from all over the world can take part at the race. It is compulsory to be duly registered and payed entry fee according to the race regulations. 

Start of 12 hour run will be held on 2nd of June 2024 at 7.00 AM. 

Start of 6 hour run will be held on 2nd of June 2024 at 1.00 PM. 


The entry fee includes: a start number with a disposable chip, a running shirt, organized running event with route protection, refreshments during the run, measurement and publication of results, medical care, massage, memory medal, dinner voucher and sponsors practical and promotional materials.

The entry fee also includes the cost of a single use chip. Each competitor gets his own chip, which is an integral part of the starting number. You can’t compete with your own Champion Chip.


Entry fee for 12h run 

Payment until31/33/529/5
Entry fee85 €95 €105 €

Entry fee for 6h run 

Payment until31/33/529/5
Entry fee75 €85 €95 €

Entrance fee for support: 35 € (includes accreditation and entry into the competition area, official event T-shirt and dinner).

Only participants of 12h run are allowed to have support. Supporters have to be registered.

Please pay the entry fee into the account (in EURO):

Atletski klub Ultramaraton Slovenija, Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana

IBAN SI56 6100 0002 3674 652

Payment purpose: Registration for 12h/6h

Registrations are accepted until 29/5/2024 (and it is not possible on the day of the event).

Registration is valid only with payment of registration fee. We do not refund the paid fees, but someone else can apply instead of you (only until 13/5/2024).


Distance of the course is 1,250 m.  The course is flat, circular and it is located in the circuit of the old town city centre of Kranj. The course has an International Measurement Certificate (AIMS).

AIMS certifikat


gold label

I Feel Slovenia12RUN in Kranj received the Gold Label of the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) for 2024 for 12 hour run.


I Feel Slovenia12RUN in Kranj received the Bronze Label of the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) for 2024 for 6 hour run.


The security forces and the corresponding authorities will be in charge of ensuring safety in the streets. Participants must stick to the marked paths and follow the instructions of the organizer. Using shortcuts or shortening the route is prohibited (followed by automatic disqualification). 

During the competition, runners are not allowed to leave the competition, unless there is a reason for not continuing the competition. In this case the competition is finished for the runner. 

It is an urban city competition, with narrow streets in some parts of the route. Therefore participants are asked, especially the »slower« runners to use the left side of the route and leave space on the right side of the route for overtaking by faster runners. 


Within one lap (1,250 m)  will be provided  refresments (fruit, soup, potatoes, savory and sweet products, chilled drinks, isotonic drinks, coca-cola)  by the organizer. 

Runners of 12 hour run will be provided with a exclusive personal station (at the start, Glavni trg) where they can store everything they need. Therefore, the assistance of support is not allowed during the course.

Runners of the 6 hour run will have the opportunity to put their the most essential things they need during the run in a specially marked common area.


Dressing rooms, toilets and showers will be available at the restaurant Stari Mayr, near the start.

Mobile toilet cabins are on the course.


Timing and measuring of the length in kilometres will be done by means of the number-chip system that all participants will receive when collecting their runner bags at the fair. 

15 minutes before the end of the race, each runner will receive a stick with his starting number. At the final bang of the gun, after 6 or 12 hour, the runner places the stick on the ground, and the judging team will record the exact score.


6h and 12h run will be held in any weather condition. Only exceptional and severe weather conditions can lead to cancellation of the competition. The eventual cancellation will be decided by the organizing committee. 


With registration, all participants accept and understand regulations, the protection, responsibility disclamer and data protection policy. 

The organizer denies all responsibility for any injury or damages that race participants may cause to themselves, other or third parties. 


Doping control will be organised by Slovenian anti-doping organisation, SLOADO.


Medical service will be present at the venue for the duration of the competition and will be available to all runners.


The first three runners in the women’s and men’s competition at the 12-hour race will receive trophies, practical sponsor prizes and cash prizes.

The first three runners in the women’s and men’s competitions at the 6-hour races will receive sponsors’ trophies and practical prizes, while all other competitors receive a memory medal.


The awarding of trophies, medals and cash prizes will take place in the Main Square (in the start area), immediately after the competition.


Unofficial results will be displayed immediately after the end of the event, at the starting area. Official results will be published from Monday, 3rd of June, 2024 at: