Kouros and Bereznowska are coming to Kranj

We are happy and proud to announce that the best ultramarathoners in the world will take part in SLO12RUN, 5.6.2022 in Kranj.

Yiannis Kouros, the legend of ultra running, and Patrycja Bereznowska, the owner of the women’s record at the famous Spartathlon, will take part at the 12-hour run.

He is/was the owner of many world records, from 100-1000 miles, 12-hour to 6-day races.
In 1984 he won the Spartathlon, with a record time, in 1985 he won Sydney-Melbourne Ultramarathon (5 days, 5 hours in 7 minutes).

His records:
12h – 162.543 km
24h – 303.506 km
48h – 473.495 km
6 DAYS – 1038.851 km

Yiannis Kouros


Polish Patrycja Bereznowska is one of the biggest names in the women’s ultramarathon of all time. She has “countless” top places from the most important competitions in the world. In May 2022 she set a world record in 48 hour run – 403.32 km.

With a time of 24 hours and 48 minutes, Bereznowska holds the women’s record at the famous Spartathlon.

Her results:
– BADWATER, Death Valley: she finished in 2019 as the 1st woman and in 2nd place overall.
– 12 hours (140.323 km)
– 24 hours (259.990 km)
– 48 hours (403.320 km)

Patrycja Bereznowska