Slovenian ultrarunning challenge 21

Double of Slovenian ultraruns consists:

Slovenian ultrarunning challenge means:

  • 12 hours in Kranj (or at least 90 km) and
  • 100 km in Ajdovščina

in the same calendar year.

This challenge is not easy and it’s a real challenge and a magnet for all ultrarunners.
Those who already are and those who would like to become one. Of course, it is for anyone who wants to overcome their own limits to infinity.

There is no need to register for participation in this challenge. The participants will be find out from the starting list after the race in Kranj and Ajdovščina. All those who will achieve this challenge will receive the title of Slovenian Ultramarathon runner 2021, including a practical award. The winners of this flattering title will be announced on the web sites and social media (Facebook, Instagram) of Slovenian 12Hour Run and 100 ob Mrzli reki.

In 2019 the Slovenian ultrarunning challenge was performed for the first time. At that time there were three races: Slovenian 12 Hour Run in Kranj, Sladkih 6 and 100 ob Mrzli reki in Ajdovščina).

The title of Slovenian Ultramarathon runner 2019 received Nataša Robnik, Zdravko Čufar, Marko Gostečnik, Mirko B. Miklič, Drago Prdan, Boštjan Schönlieb, Simon Sreš.

Slovenian ultrarunning challenge 2019