Kranj City

With a population of more than 58,000, Kranj is the third largest city in Slovenia, the center of the historical landscape of the Gorenjska and Gorenjska statistical regions and the seat of the Municipality of Kranj.

Kranj is a pleasant historical town on a rocky pier above the confluence of the mountain rivers Sava and Kokra. Archaeological finds, the old town and its walls, as well as defensive towers speak of Kranj’s ancient past.

Kranj is especially known for:

  • Prešeren’s grave in Prešeren’s grove,
  • Prešeren Memorial Museum,
  • Prešeren Theater with a monument of dr. France Prešeren,
  • St. Kancijan’s Church.

In the city center you can also see the City Hall, which constantly presents the archeological exhibition Iron Thread, Pavšlar’s House, which is an example of a rich bourgeois building from the 16th century and one of the most beautiful Renaissance arcaded corridors in Slovenia, and Khislstein Castle, which represents a fortified area from the ancient period to the early Middle Ages.


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